Another washout

Last weekend was our second show, as the ardent reader of this blog will already know. It was the Craft and Design Experience in Henley-on-Thames. I am going to keep this short: it was a washout.

When we arrived on site, the ground was already sodden with water from the downpour of previous days. Although it didn’t rain on Thursday, there were people getting stuck with their vans in the mud already (thankfully not us).

This time our stall was a little different, only 1.5m deep and open on one side. This worked very well for us, and once again, we had loads of really positive comments.

On Friday the heavens opened and from there on it was basically rain on and off for the rest of the weekend. So that didn’t really help. The outcome of the referendum didn’t help, either. As a wild guess I’d say there were maybe 5000 visitors spread over 3 days, and that’s just not enough. Plus, they all were as tight as a, well, you know what I was going to say (but seeing that this is a public blog, I am not going to put it in writing).

So: stall fee, van hire, fuel = £850. Total takings £450. Bad. Really, really bad. And when I got home on Sunday, I noticed an email from the RCA telling me that the UK Game Fair in Kenilworth has been cancelled. Well, judging by comments from fellow makers/traders, it probably wasn’t the brightest idea on the planet to start with, so we’ll just let it slip.


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