Tuition and demos

I offer tuition at all levels, either in my own workshop or in yours. The hourly charge is £30, a half day (4 hours) is available at £100, and a full day (8 hours) is £200. In addition, if the tuition is to take place in your workshop, I will charge 40p per mile travelled (that’s there AND back).

Tuition will include any wood used, and you should bring your own tools, and some of your work, so I can firstly help you with the sharpening of the tools, and secondly so I can figure out which parts of your technique we could focus on. Of course, if you have a special interest, we can agree up-front on a particular subject.

For a half day of tuition I will travel up to 50 miles, and up to 100 miles for a full day.

I am also available for demonstrations, where the same costs and limitations apply. Subjects for the demonstrations should be agreed beforehand, so I can prepare relevant material.

Feedback from one of my demos:

Just a quick word of thanks for your demonstration last week.  I’ve had lots of positive feedback from the members and they really liked what you did (told you not to bother about them being quiet!)  I got a lot of particular comment about the finial that you turned – doing something as small and detailed in the time you you had was serious pressure and impressed a lot of us.
Thanks once again for an enjoyable evening – hopefully we will be able to have you back at the club for another session some time in the future.


Please contact me via the contact page on this site (see main menu) to discuss further details.