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The power of shrinkage

I mentioned a while ago that I got a whole lot of yew from a friendly benefactor. In return I promised to make him some items for his home. Amongst these items are three tall, elegant and simple candle holders. … Continue reading

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So much to do and so little time

I looked at my home page today and thought: wow, my last post is from 15/10, that’s more than a week ago, and I don’t have anything sensational or big to report. Where’s all the time gone? But reflecting a … Continue reading

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My power carver and me

A short while ago I bought myself a power carver from Axminster. A motorized unit that is suspended from the ceiling, with a long, flexible drive shaft and a reciprocating carving head at the end. And then I started practising. … Continue reading

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Another windfall

Got up this morning and, after some breakfast, set to work in my shop, mostly cleaning up and faffing about, when I heard some motor noises. First I thought, ah, somebody is clearing up the garden a bit. But it … Continue reading

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First Sale!

It’s taken its time, that’s for sure. I have finally sold my first piece: a bottle stopper. Hurray! For all of 20 quid, of which I will see 10. Minus 3.00 for the kit, leaves with me 7.00 for about … Continue reading

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