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Last night I did some roughing out of various shapes, and as is often the case, needed to change jaws on the chuck. I usually find the set of jaws to go on, open the box and then use the … Continue reading

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Ginormous lime bowl

I think I posted a while ago that I managed to rescue some lime from a tree that was felled in my neighborhood. It’s all nicely cut up and stacked in the garden under a tarpaulin. One of the pieces … Continue reading

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Busy, busy

I have been so active in my workshop over the last 2 weeks that I haven’t really found the time to post anything here. Tonight I made a deliberate decision to step away and take some photographs of recent work. … Continue reading

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David and Goliath

As most of my esteemed readers will know, I am a member of the AWGB (for the non-wood-turners, that’s the Association of Wood Turners of Great Britain). I haven’t sought them out to become a member, it was part and … Continue reading

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Black poplar bowl

When I got home last night, I couldn’t wait and immediately started working on the piece of black poplar I got from Mark. It turns very nicely, but does need a bit of sanding. During the sanding I noticed that … Continue reading

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