After the show is always before the next…

You might have guessed it: we are about to go to our next show. It’s the Craft and Design Experience in Henley-on-Thames. For Details click here.

I’ve got some new stock (see the latest additions to the shop), we’ve made a few small changes to the stall, and this time we’ll be camping in the van. Luckily enough we kept 2 foldable beds in storage, they will come in handy. Let’s hope the weather holds out OK, so far there’s rain forecast only for Thursday (setting-up day), and otherwise it should be fine. Since this is right next to the river, I don’t really fancy lots of water, we might have to swim from the van to the marquee.

Also, this time it’s only Helen and me, but judging from the last time, one person on the stall is quite enough, more just scares the punters off. Especially since this time our stall is going to be smaller (3 x 1.5). In exchange it’s a corner stall and right next to the entrance of the tent. According to Helen, our neighbouring stall is a glass artist from Stourbridge, and she’s bought some of his work for awards at the hospital where she works. Should be interesting, and maybe I can pick up a few tips from him regarding local galleries.

In any case, we are looking forward to it. How about you come around and pay us a visit?

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