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Feedback, please?

I happen to know that there are actually a few people out there who read this blog on the odd occasion, so my efforts are not completely wasted. However, despite the fact that comments are enabled (albeit with moderation), all I ever … Continue reading

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Joy and pain

This website runs on my own server. That’s not your usual setup for most people, but considering I actually earn my money doing IT for other people. it shouldn’t be a big surprise, either. It is, in fact, a Linux … Continue reading

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African Beauty

As promised in my last post, here are some pictures of the African Beauty. I bought the blank from ebay a while ago, and it’s been lying around in the kitchen for some time. Every now and then I’d pick … Continue reading

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A good start

Today was our first club meeting of the new year, and it was a hands-on day on the subject of bowl turning. To be honest, it was actually on knife’s edge whether I would go at all. I had a … Continue reading

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Eynah! (ouch)

As attentive readers of my blog will know, I have a bandsaw. It’s not your usual type, which is fixed in the upright position. Mine is the type that is meant for an engineering workshop, and usually used with the … Continue reading

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