Vision and Mission

Wood is a peculiar material. Most other materials used by artists are quite uniform in nature and appearance. Metal, glass, plastics, clay, and even canvas, they all are comparatively bland and plain in their initial state, and it is entirely up to the artist to transform them into the object they envision.

Wood, in contrast, has a lot of character even before this process starts. It ranges from the almost uniform right through to the opposite end of the spectrum, where the artist only adds some finishing touches to expose its natural beauty. This brings with it some additional challenges and opportunities. Where is the balance between nature and nurture?

My work exhibits this range to the full, from pieces where the wood is used as a plain canvas and heavily decorated with colour and carvings all the way to simply showing off nature’s creation in the best light. Yet always my aim is to achieve simple, elegant, timeless forms that will survive the inevitable change of colour of the natural wood.

The influences are many. Art Deco, Bauhaus, Asian art, and even Greek and Roman style elements can be found. Just like every artist, I strive to express myself in every single piece, to find a place where each item says “I was created by Wolfgang”. Thus, although we can never achieve perfection, each item is unique and all of them carry a piece of my soul.