Chuck holder

I don’t have the luxury of a big workshop. In fact, my workshop is tiny, about 8ft wide and 12ft long. In that space I have 2 lathes, which leaves very little space for work top. In consequence I am always looking for better ways of storing things and attaching things to walls and ceiling.

One of the items that has been taking up quite a bit of space is my sanding disc (see separate article) and the associated sanding table. The sanding table now hangs on two nails on the wall. I tried the same trick for thew sanding disc, but it wouldn’t hang properly and had a tendency to fall off. So I came up with this little idea:


This is just a simple piece of 4×4 of pine, turned round and with a knob sticking out. The essential thing here is to get the knob to almost precisely the inside diameter of the chuck to be hung on it and to make it protrude by at least 30mm. You can buy these from Axminster for about £15.00, but you can also easily make them yourself for almost nothing. I’ve got several of them for chucks, faceplates, etc.