The wash basin

The other day I got some odd pieces from my tree surgeon. A few of them were hard maple, with quite a bit of curling and quilting going on. They were all dry as bones, as he had them in his storage pile for several years, and was just sorting out another load of firewood. Luckily enough by now he knows what I am looking for and puts these little gems aside for my next visit.

One of them instantly inspired me to do something a little different. Turned one side totally off the centre (but between centres), then sanded all the square sides, and finally mounted it to its real centre and put the bowl in:

washbasin-bowlWhen I showed it to my wife, she immediately said: looks like a mini wash basin to me. Bless her, she does have a way with words.

To be honest, she is actually right, it does look a little like that. It’s not finished yet. still needs a lot of sanding, and then probably a wax finish, and some polishing. We’ll see.


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