Recent small commissions

There have been a few small commissions over the last few weeks. They are probably one-offs, but you never know.

First of these was a sculptor from Birmingham. She was in need of a better support/stand for one of her head sculptures. The original one was made from a slab of maple with the bark still attached and the pin being too tall and also having a (rather phallic) knob on the top that got in the way when the sculpture was mounted. After some discussion I came up with this:

The base is a piece of lime, sawed and sanded to 320 grit. The pin is made from pine. The whole lot is simple finished with sanding sealer. Julie, the sculptor, seemed to be very happy wit it, and her partner Mark took the opportunity to ask me to cut a small rowan bole into discs of varying thickness to use as display stands for his pottery.





Next was a gentleman from Kidderminster wanting some coasters for his valuable china porcelain vases:

These are made from laburnum, just over 100mm wide and 13mm high, all cut from the same piece. Right at the end I managed to snap my last remaining band saw blade, so I had to order some new ones from TuffSaw. In reality I probably should have done this a long time ago already, but now it just got urgent.

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