Price tags

This is a little post about stall design and price tags.

I had many comments from the general public and other traders about my stall. It was designed to look like a mobile gallery, and this was pretty much achieved. Clearly the overall design was important, but so are little details.


These are my price tags on their holders. The holders are simply pieces of wood which have a slot angled at about 15 degrees off vertical, and then sanded lightly and oiled. I have used various woods, and the only thing they have in common is that the bark is still on the wood. There is cherry, apple, laburnum, yew, plum and so on. Essentially these are all pieces that would otherwise have gone into the firewood pile.

The price tags themselves have the same clean design as the stall. Just the logo, a few lines to help with the writing, framed by a grey line.

The slots are a little uneven, which is down to the fact that they were cut with the chop saw, and my chop saw is not of the sliding type, therefore the bottom of the cut is round and on some holders this is not centred. Something I will need to address at some point, as it looks untidy (and that’s NOT in keeping with the design of the stall).

Other than that, I am very happy with them. Cost was next to nothing, only a bit of time. I think in total I spent maybe 3 hours on making about 80 of them. The price tags were designed in a word document, and printed at a local print shop on 350gsm paper, then cut on a guillotine. Again, very cheap, I think I spent about £12 on 20 sheets with 6 tags each, so that works out to about 10p per tag.

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