One final push

OK, here’s the last ditch effort for this year, as far as shows are concerned. On Thursday we are setting off to the Chatsworth Autumn Country Show. From what I can see so far, this is very much the same as The Game Fair, i.e. lots of shooting, dogs, fishing, etc. If the game fair was anything to judge these shows by, it’ll be a total and unmitigated disaster in terms of sales.

On the other hand, it’s a few days out with my wife, and generally having a good time. Hopefully the weather will play along. The forecast is not great, but then, who believes those anyway.

I have made a few new pieces, and I am on the finishing straight with a nice commission, a clock in art deco style as a wedding present for some New Yorkers. I’ll post some pictures when it’s done, but here’s a preview of the assembly so far:

Clock-phase 2

The main body is a piece of wild cherry, the foot is ebonized ash, the clock face is snakebark maple (thanks to Steve Earis) and the dots are ebony. The sides of the main body will be adorned with 2 pieces of wenge, slightly protruding on three sides and rounded off on then top.

I’ve got some very simple black hands, should go nicely with the rest.

The design was developed together with the customer, so there’s no danger of him not liking it.


We’ll see how the show goes, and I’ll post an update here.

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