Back in Business

Finally, finally!

I got some help from a friendly neighbour, and together we managed to get all the lathe pieces (wood lathe and engineering lathe) into the workshop and lifted into their correct places. I then spent most of Saturday searching through the workshop, house, garage, and bombshelter (yes, we do have one of those, too) for the box containing the correct screws. As it turns out, the taps in the legs look like M10 and measure like M10, but they are not. At least, standard M10 screws will not fit.

I finally managed to locate said box in the greenhouse. Of course, where else would it be? This was the butt of several jokes for the rest of the weekend. Well, whatever, as long as I got the bolts I needed.

The engineering lathe still needs to go back into its right place, at the moment it stands (on it’s support) in the middle of the workshop. And the clean room is anything but, it’s a mess. But we are up and running again, as far as plain old woodturning is concerned. I celebrated this on Saturday night and Sunday morning with a nice big dish in Ash, a small Cherry bowl and a tall vase from some type of Cypress or Thuja. Pictures to follow.

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