And another one!!!

My oh my, this is starting to get serious! My candlestick (picture below) has one its category in July. Bham! Kapau!

Green-candlestickI got a lot of really good feedback on this piece. People liked the organic look, and the combination with the brass insert into the foot (yes, take a closer look, there is a flame inside).

This piece almost didn’t make it to the finish line. The initial idea was to have the very top shaped as petals. However, most of this piece is made from monkeypuzzle, a very soft wood, and when I started shaping the petals, they broke off one by one.

Now, when it comes to a competition, I am not one to throw the towel in so easily. I decided to cut off the entire top and make another one from a harder wood (sycamore, in fact), and not faff around with petals and the likes.

Lucky me, the end result is indeed pleasing to the eye (and the judges, but the sounds of it).

Now, before y’all get excited out there and start wanting one of these: I am not making more of these unless somebody pays me some serious money. The amount of work involved is staggering, to say the least. So for now, appreciate the picture, coz that’s all there is.

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