African Beauty

As promised in my last post, here are some pictures of the African Beauty. I bought the blank from ebay a while ago, and it’s been lying around in the kitchen for some time. Every now and then I’d pick it up, admire the wonderful patterns in the wood and then put it down again. Waiting for inspiration (or some other reason to reduce it to shavings).

Then one day I thought: it’s the new year, so I wonder what the Chairman’s Challenge is for January? It was a square bowl. And the lights went on. I have previously made one square bowl out of rippled sycamore. It came out very nicely, so why not do it again?

Here’s the result:

wenge-square-bowl This is what I would call a two-up-two-down bowl. Two opposing corners are pointing upwards, and the other two slope down. You can see it even better in the side profile:








I have added a separate page describing how such a bowl is made, in case anybody is interested.


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