Feedback, please?

I happen to know that there are actually a few people out there who read this blog on the odd occasion, so my efforts are not completely wasted. However, despite the fact that comments are enabled (albeit with moderation), all I ever get in my comment queue is loads of spam.

A regular favourite are people telling my that my site could go viral, if only I were to spend $50 on their fabulous traffic generation tool. And there’s the guys (and girls, if you believe it) with plenty of contacts to sexy russian/thai/chinese/(insert your favourite nationality here) babes. Having said that, most of them actually use the contact form.

And there’s the usual mixture of penis enlargements (thanks, but no, thanks), viagra pills, lingerie, insurances, and so on and on.

What I don’t get is any actual real feedback from real people talking about the actual articles or items. So here’s my request to all the actually interested readers of this blog: Why don’t you muster all your courage and post some meaningful, relevant, related and above all, genuine comments? That’d be real nice, thank you.

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