Busy, busy

I have been so active in my workshop over the last 2 weeks that I haven’t really found the time to post anything here. Tonight I made a deliberate decision to step away and take some photographs of recent work. Most of them will end up in the various product galleries, so have a look over there.

And then there are pieces I made which will never have a photograph. They were made specifically for several people, not quite commissions (no money involved), but more along the lines of “thank you” for being helpful and supportive. I think it’s important that we all respond in kind to our support network, as otherwise wood turning can be a very lonely affair.

Oh, and I also made the decision to try and get a stall at the next Badminton horse trials. My wife is a keen rider, and so far we have been a few times as spectators, but last time I did notice that there were also numerous craft stands, with items quite unrelated to riding. Apparently it’s quite expensive, but then the crowds are huge, and most likely not the sort who are short of money (otherwise they wouldn’t be there in the first place), so probably a better place than most craft fairs. So now the game is on: I will need a stall with signage, and display shelves and all that, brochures, business cards, etc, etc, etc. And over the winter I will have to make loads of stock.

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