Black poplar bowl

When I got home last night, I couldn’t wait and immediately started working on the piece of black poplar I got from Mark. It turns very nicely, but does need a bit of sanding. During the sanding I noticed that the grain was actually quite open, and that gave me an idea.

A while ago I did a demo for one of my clubs, and one of my demo pieces ended up a right mess. I was trying to do a tealight holder in open grained wood, with the grain brushed out and then filled in with type of glittery guilt cream. Stupidly I had left the lemon oil at home, and my attempts of wiping the excess off with some other stuff did not work at all.

But last night, I got the result I wanted. Tata!


Not bad for 2 hours work, if I may say so myself. The picture doesn’t even do it full justice, as the colours shimmer depending on how the light falls on them.


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