The Move (Parts I and II)

OK, so now it’s Wednesday evening and some normality has been restored. Time to provide an update.

Last week Thursday and Friday we had the removal company in the house. Thursday was packing day, only two guys, and loads of boxes. Friday they arrive with 6 guys and three vans. You see, our move is not straightforward. We started looking for a new house quite some time ago. Once we had found the right property, the danc with the mortgage company started. And what a dance that was (and still is!) Initially it all looked OK. Surveys done. More surveys done. And then they asked for mor documents. First I had to get all sorts of bank statements, even completely irrelevant ones, because part of the deposit came from Germany. Then more bank statements. Then they weren’t happy with the surveys and wants a proper structural survey. And after that they demanded an investigation and estimates for various perceived shortcomings of the building.

I am not going to bore you with the details. We lost patience and confidence, so we started talking to a different bank. That went even worse. Once they had received all the paperwork, they turned around and said: we are perfectly happy to lend you money, but not on this property. End of conversation.

Brilliant. Back to bank number 1. By that time, we had easily found a buyer for our house, and were getting pressure from them to complete the sale.

Eventually we couldn’t delay any longer. So now we have sold our house, but have not been able yet to buy the next one. In consequence right now we stay in a tiny cottage in Kinver. The entire ground floor here is about half the size of our lounge in the old house. And we only moved into here after staying in a hotel for three days, and only thanks to the good grace of a colleague of Helen. The good thing is that th cottage does not come with a minimum six month contract.

All our our stuff went into storage, including some things that shouldn’t have gone. On Monday we spent two hours at the storage place trying to find such essentials as the slats for our bed, the DVD player, and the new server for my websites. Found all except the server.

Which was very bad news indeed, because my old service provider has cancelled th service I am using, and the new server was meant to go to the new service provider in time so that the move is smooth. Now it looked like bumpy to say the least.

Luckily my old service provider has now agreed to extend my deadline to December. Phew!

I reckon that’s about enough for today, but I’ll keep you all updated as the story unfolds.

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