Situation Update (II)

Just a quickie, really. Work is progressing well on the new workshop, albeit not at the speed I was hoping for.

The lights are installed, and boy, they are good! Very even, very white light. Almost like the inside of a doctor’s surgery. The new windows and the new door are installed, in the end I got them with triple glazing, as it was very little extra money. They are almost completely soundproof.

On the floor, I managed to get the damp proof primer down, and one part of the workshop also had its first layer of the actual floor paint. Looks very good. However, it needs temperatures > 7 degrees and it must be dry. Since of late this wasn’t really the case, I started doing other stuff.

Over the last week I built a big cupboard on one side of the main shop area, that’s now complete (and already filling up), and I am almost done with the soundproof cabinet for the chip extractor and the compressor.

That’s all for now. I promise, next time I will have some pictures, and more details. Hopefully around the middle of March I can actually get the lathes in the shop and start turning again. Can’t wait!!!!

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