Proper tools are not a luxury

The predecessor to Bleeding Forest was an ever small hollow form, from the same material. Initial hollowing went fine with just a bowl gouge, but then I wanted to get the shoulder thinned down, so that it wouldn’t look odd when I started with the carving.

At that time (around 2 months ago) I didn’t have proper hollowing tools. So I went and use one of many surplus allen keys, ground the short side into a useful scraper and mounted the key into a drill chuck. Then I set to work. Initially it went sort of OK, but because the handle is not aligned with the tip of the tool, there is substantial rotational force on the handle.

When I was about to put the finishing touches, suddenly the drill chuck started wobbling in my hand, and before I could say “jack shit”, my little vase had exploded in the most violent fashion (at around 1500rpm that is quite a spectacle. Luckily, as I was hollowing, I was well away from the general direction of the debris.


I now have proper hollowing tools (and a great deal more experience in using them), but I will always keep these pieces to remind me that I need to respect that piece of wood I am working on or it will have its way.

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