Oops (II)

I while ago I posted some pictures of hollow forms that had not survived the hollowing for one reason or another. Since then I have actually managed to turn quite a few hollow forms without further accidents and incidents. However, last night that came to an end.

cracked-ash-vase I had this nice piece of ash, with just a few tiny cracks on one end. I thought I could hollow it out, and then cut the cracked bits out with some carving. Alas, it was not to be. All was going splendidly well, and I had in fact pretty much finished the upper half of the hollow form, when it suddenly exploded on me. I wasn’t standing in the line of fire, so no damage done. The missing pieces are not be found (I am sure they are somewhere in the workshop, I just can’ be a***d to look for them).

There’s enough left, so I will just cut the top off, and then probably make it into a box, with a coloured lid (since I have no matching piece of ash). We’ll see.

Lesson learnt: if it has cracks, be very, very, very careful when hollowing.

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