On your marks!

I think I have already written about thinking of going to some events this year, not as a visitor, but as a seller. It first started out with our last visit to the Badminton Horse Trials.

This has now become much more serious. I found out that there is a company called the Rural Crafts Association, who organize pavilions at many of the major rural events throughout the UK. I have signed up with them, and have recently received my confirmation for the 4 events I have booked. In order to not get completely washed out and saddled with a huge bill, I am not going to be at Badminton (as a trader), and we (Helen and I) will start with a much smaller event at Chatsworth.

So now the race is on! Loads of things to do before the first event in May.

  1. I have to build a trade stall. Planning is in the advanced stage and soon I will be ordering all the bits and pieces. It will be quite a clean design, modular, almost Bauhaus style. Initially for a 2mx3m stand (with one open side) or a 3mx4m stand (with 2 open sides).
  2. I have to get public and product liability sorted out.
  3. I have to make stock. Loads of it! And hopefully I’ll get the mix right.

If anybody is interested, I’ll put up an events calendar on the site.

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