It is done!

Finally. Today I received the call first from the solicitors to tell me that the purchase of the new house had completed, then from the agent to tell me that the keys were ready for collection.

Hooray! We have a new house. Now all we have to do is everything. Move in, get (not too) comfy, get contractors in, get quotes, get all the repairs done, get the downstairs converted to a big living space with kitchen, put new electricity supply into the workshop, completely modernize all bathrooms (and build one new one from the current kitchen), replace the staircase with an open tread one, rip out all the old wallpaper and redecorate all rooms, fix the garage, move the little wall at the side of the road, and so on.

Easy peasy. We’ve got a little money to spare, and I am off work for three weeks. No problem, right?

Well, I am not quite that naive. But the most important thing, the one thing we have struggled and fought for over the last 5 months, the purchase of the house, that is done. Dusted. Signed, sealed and almost delivered.

I have to tell you that any sense of elation has long gone. When something that should be quite simple and straightforward becomes as complicated and long drawn out as this, you fell quite deflated at the end. I don’t feel like opening a bottle of bubbly. Or any sort of celebration. I just want to roll up me sleeves and get stuck in. The sooner, the better.

For the last two months, I have felt like somebody chopped off my left arm. Not good. The frustration levels have been building up, and now that we have crossed the finish line, I can’t just throw my arms in the air and burst into song.

On the other hand, I WILL have a nice big workshop, and it will be a marvelous house to live in once we’re done with it. So watch this space for more news.

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