And another update

Almost there. All the shelves are done. The panels are complete, 7 of them with power extensions screwed onto the back. The front brace is complete, and only needs a final coat of paint. The lights are complete, with braces to fit them onto the panels. The corner enforcers are finished, but I need two aluminium pieces to hold the corners at a right angle. And some of the panels need a little bit of work to make the lots fit properly. I reckon another 2-3 hours, and it should be all over.

I have also taken delivery of 750 paper bags in 3 different sizes, 500 sheets of silk wrapping paper, various items of stationery, 5 big plastic boxes with lids, and 9 shallow plastic boxes, also with lids. Plus 100m of bubble wrap. And 3 woven baskets, for the dibbers, scoops and what not.

Now I really need to get on with the business cards, flyers and banners. I have most of the artwork ready, but need to negotiate with the printers. And I need to do some more work on one picture for one of the banners.

It is quite amazing what goes into the preparation of a trade show. If you’ve never done it, you have no idea. A thousand little bits and pieces, and a hundred little jobs, and the deadline is not moving.

Today I also packed most of my work in the boxes mentioned above, ready for the first show. One box contains all the artistic work, and that will be needed next weekend, when I am in Curborough at the Festival of Artists. I have no idea what to expect, but I am told it had a good audience last year, and the club has been invited to show some work. Well, let’s see what happens. Watch this space…

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